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Buffet catering service is less formal than a plated dinner service and it is a popular option for corporate and large social or charity events. Guests have the opportunity to socialize and chat as they wait to serve themselves from a delicious array of expertly prepared dishes.

Family Style

Family-style catering is a more relaxed and interactive approach to dining, especially if not everyone is acquainted with one another.

Dessert Displays

Whether you're looking for pies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, fruit desserts, something healthy, or something chocolatey, we have you covered.

Live Chef Stations

Are you planning a wedding, a corporate seminar, or a birthday celebration? If you are, then one of the most challenging tasks you’ll have to do is to choose the type of foodservice that would be perfect for your event. You may want to consider a live station catering for Bay Area. It features chefs preparing the meals while your guests are watching them. Unlike a buffet-type of catering, the food will be cooked in real- time.

Passed & Stationary Appetizers

Most plated Appetizers service menus include three courses separately served by waitstaff that are experienced in this type of service. Guests can usually make a choice from two to three entrees, stating their preference. Plated Appetizers service is formal and elegant, and suitable for most high-end events – from wedding receptions to political fundraisers.